“Living Loud, Living Proud, and Living the American Dream!”

About Fernanda

Brazilian born and home to the most beautiful women in the world, the stunning Fernanda has put her mark on the fitness world. At the age of 23, armed with a Bachelors degree in Kinesiology, Fernanda left the comfort and familiarity of family and friends and her native Brazil. Having not yet learned English, Fernanda stepped off the plane on to American soil as an immigrant, with nothing but the clothes in her suitcase and the intention to pursue the American Dream.

Resilience was a necessity for her to survive as her secret was still too raw to expose. Why America? The United States is vastly known around the world as the place to come as an immigrant for all your dreams to come true. Many impoverished, religiously persecuted, and stifled people from all walks of life come to the United States to regain their freedom of expression and opportunity to be their true selves.

It was only later, that Fernanda would realize that first step off that plane would be a step towards overcoming the obstacles of her life. That the success she has created for herself could only happen in a place like the United States.

Becoming the new fitness sensation and helping thousands of women achieve personal success was always in the forefront, but identifying her sexuality and being comfortable with it was yet to come.

In 2010, Fernanda became a US Citizen. She has not merely survived, but she has thrived. Rocha has made a name by taking a stand for gay rights and building a successful business empire.

Along with her Fitness brand, her Brazilian Booty Workout DVD, as well the workout program Jinga Fitness launching in 2016, she has continually set her sights high. Fernanda is a co-owner of a highly-successful, well-known Laguna Beach gym, Art of Fitness. She has been a long time supporter of the NOH8 Campaign, It Gets Better Organization Project, and Let’s Move Project.

Both on and off camera, Fernanda sets her sights on anything from Human Rights advocacy to becoming one of the country’s leading Fitness Experts. Fearless in nature, Fernanda has never been one to shy away from the truth. In 2010, she became an advocate for gay rights as the first lesbian cast member on the OC Housewives, and was the Grand Marshall at the Chicago Gay Pride parade.