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   Getting ready for Camp Pendleton marine mud run!!!! Team AOF Yeahhhh ‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️ #fernandarocha #camppendleton #artoffitness #jingafitness
 #Repost @artoffitnesslaguna How is your spin challenge going? How many spin classes a week are you getting in? It's not too late to join the spin challenge!  We are getting ready for another Art of Fitness pre Summer party!!! Marian and I are excited to see all of our dear members....  let's have a drink ( or two ) to an incredible Summer!!! ☀️‍♀️ DJ Laura Buckle is in the houzzzzeeee!!!
 My first Angels game!! Fun time with the girls... #angelbaseball #fernandarocha #artoffitness #jingafitness  @artoffitnesslaguna Are you consistent with your workouts? Struggling to stay motivated and push yourself to achieve the results you're looking for? Personal training is a great way to achieve your fitness goals in a safe and effective manner with maximum efficiency — no matter what fitness level you are. Improve posture, prevent injury, reinvigorate and exceed fitness plateaus. Inquire at the front desk about scheduling your first personal training session and take the first step towards seeing results!
 Feliz dia dos namorados meu anjo @tessthelionheart  Happy Saturday everyone!!! Selfie with the most adorable girl... 🥜 #sisters #furfamily #peanuttheteacupyorkie
 Happy Pride!!! ️‍  #Repost @djsmashed When your 11 year old #smashes a @fernandafitness13 #spinclass #nevertoearlytostartworkingout @artoffitnesslaguna #buttsonfire #gohard #orgohome #45minsofcardio ❤️

Fernanda is an amazing Fitness Instructor and such a fantastic person.

ElizabethGym Member

Fernanda's Jinga program is simply put -- incredible! It has changed my life!

BillyJinga Participant

Jinga gives a dynamic workout and the results have been fantastic -- keeps me wanting more!

LindsayJinga Participant